Power Factor Capacitors – Alpivar

Alpivar Heavy Duty Power Factor Capacitors are totally dry units which utilise windings insulated by self extinguishing casing, immersed in thermosetting polyurethane resin applied under vacuum with excellent heat dissipation qualities.
The unique vacuum potting technique ensures that Alpivar capacitors have excellent resistance over time and much longer service life than conventional capacitors. These Power Factor capacitors are rated at 440V in order to accommodate overvoltages in systems due to harmonics.
This, in effect, permits a permanent 20% overvoltage factor without any negative effects on the capacitor itself. Read More

Power Factor Controllers

Power Factor controllers incorporate mny new innovative features for automatic power factor control. With built -in, easily programmable safety parameters including protection from potential damage caused by harmonic overload.

  • Two steps can be programmed as alarm and/or fan cooling system
  • Optimal rotational control increase capacitor life
  • RMS voltage/current measurement and display
  • Instantenous and average weekly power factor measurements(last 7 days)
  • Adjustable tripping and re-connection time
  • No voltage release protection
  • Protection against capacitor overload(current range 0-250%) harmonics
  • Protection against panel overheating(internal temperature sensor)
  • TTL-RS232 interface for fast set-up function, alarm customisation and testing via PC. Read More