Training Services

We at DUMA Electrics believe that training is one of the most powerful tools for continued success. On-going training programs enable us to effectively understand, develop, and maintain modern manufacturing facilities and process plants within and above competitive levels. We in turn are in a better position to offer training programs in areas such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Electric Energy Management.
Training is the most inexpensive way to maintain and upgrade human resources and it pays. Apart from DUMA Electrics making arrangements for training venues and dates, training courses can also be conducted on arrangement when and where required and as agreed with clients.

Energy Management Training

Training in electric energy management systems include such areas as:

  • Implementation of electric energy management programs which covers monitoring of the power usage which could be through online monitoring and recording data or indeed manually recording data. This necessitates taking action as and when required when an anomaly happens
  • Electric Energy Systems Audit which is necessary to determine the status of different power factor correction systems and the capacity required for a particular load or plant demand.

Programmable Logic Controllers

In programmable logic controllers (PLCs) training programmes range from introduction to PLCs to Human Machine Interface training. Training programmes are limited to demonstration kits based on Schneider Electric and GE Intelligent Platforms PLCs.